Auto Enrolment

23 May 2016

Under the Pensions Act 2008 every UK employer must register certain members of staff into a pension scheme. This should be done automatically if the member of staff qualifies, however this isn’t so automatic for employer.

Every employer must find out their staging date and prepare for it. Using your PAYE reference number and the link below you can find out your staging date. This is the date that you must be implementing auto enrolment and compliant with the new rules otherwise you could be penalised by HMRC.

If your business doesn’t have any staff other than directors then you do not need to worry, unless more than one director has a contract of employment.

Table below shows which employees either have the right to be enrolled or must be enrolled.


If the employer has no employees that have to or want to be registered they do not need to register for a pension scheme in case the employee changes their mind.

Any employee between the ages of 22 to state pension age (SPA) who earn more than £833 monthly must be registered for a pension scheme and the employer must be making contributions even if the employee only passes the threshold due to a bonus or due to working extra hours.

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